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Family Adventure Holiday Guide


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Family Adventure Holidays

A few years ago, the prospect of taking your family on an adventure holiday was something that most parents had not even considered. These days, with many of the adventure travel tour operators providing specially designed family tours, family adventure travel is booming. Adventure holidays are a great way to improve your children's understanding of the world and different cultures. Family adventure tours normally involve 4 to 5 families joining together on a guided tour of an interesting region of the world. The family tours differ from the standard adventure tours in that the pace is slower and there is more free time available in the itinerary.

Types of Adventure Holiday

Some tours are overland camping tours where travel is by specially converted safari truck. On overland tours, accommodation is a mix of camping and simple hotels and you may need to help out with the camp duties. Other tours stay in tourist class hotels often with swimming pools and a variety of transport is used for your tour such as minibuses, jeeps, trains, boats, etc. Several companies also offer tailor-made tours with a specially designed itinerary for your family.

The tour itinerary may include some or all of these types of adventure travel:

Activity – Biking, camel riding, elephant riding, swimming, white water rafting.

> Culture – Interacting with local people, staying overnight in village homes, eating local food, learning the local customs.
> History – Opportunities to visit places of historical importance such as the Pyramids in Egypt, Petra in Jordan.
> Trekking – Short low level treks in regions such as the Atlas mountains in Morocco or the Nepalese foothills.
> Wildlife – Safaris in Africa, whale watching in Iceland or tiger spotting in India.
Age Ranges

The minimum age for adventure holidays varies by operator and by adventure tour. Most companies have a minimum age of between 5 and 8 years. The Adventure Company is the only company to accept very young children – it has a number of Infant Adventures for children aged 1 year plus.

Adventure Gear
> Active and Travel Clothing
  You will need lightweight breathable clothing during the day. Fleece jackets are useful for when the temperature drops at overnight camping.
> Mosquito Nets and Repellent
  It is a good idea to take your own travel mosquito nets when travelling to mosquito infected countries. Children are particularly vulnerable to mosquito bites so make sure that they are covered up in the evening and wear a good insect repellent. Gearzone stocks an excellent range of mosquito nets and protection.
> Medical Kits
  Ensure that you carry a full first aid kit with you. Gearzone has a full range of Lifesystems medical kits including a Travel Medical Pack..



Review the detailed tour itineraries carefully before you choose an adventure tour. Make sure that the pace of the tour, the size of the group and the planned activities are right for your family.

Educate your children on the culture and customs of the country that you are going to. There are some excellent books available for children to help with this.

Have a sense of humour. Travel is unpredictable and never goes exactly according to plan. There will undoubtedly be delays and inconveniences but that is all part of the adventure.

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