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Family Winter Activity Holiday Guide


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Family Winter Activity Holidays

These are a new breed of winter holidays to Finnish Lapland where plenty of other winter activities can be enjoyed apart from skiing and snowboarding. If you have ever wanted to drive your own team of husky dogs, ride in a reindeer driven sleigh, drive a snowmobile or search for Santa – you will love a winter activity holiday.

Types of Winter Activity Holiday

Winter activity holidays can centred around a single base or of a touring nature. Tours are usually by husky dog or reindeer and involve staying overnight at wilderness huts. Young children are able to go on reindeer safaris, however husky dog sledding is only for adults.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation is usually in a chalet or hotel. Overnight husky dog safaris stay at wilderness huts.

Age Ranges

Children of any age can travel on a family winter activity holiday. Younger children will be keen to search for Santa, maybe going on a reindeer safari to get there.


These are some of the activities available on a winter activity holiday:


Cross-country Skiing – Skiing on cross-country ski trails using special skis for gliding across the snow.


Husky Dog Sledding – Driving a team of husky dogs on a special sled. This is only for adults although younger children may be able to travel on a guide’s sled.


Raquette/Snowshoeing – Walking and running in the snow using special snowshoes.


Reindeer Safaris – Ride in a reindeer pulled sleigh.


Snowmobiling – Drive a snowmobile across different terrain. A full UK driving licence is required to drive a snowmobile.

Winter Activity Gear

You will need to wear a ski jacket and salopettes and waterproof boots. If you prefer, thermal snowsuits and boots can be hired at the resort. Also take waterproof gloves, sunglasses, a warm hat, thermal underwear and waterproof boots.


Wear lots of thin layers rather than just a couple of thick layers.

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